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How To Make A Peach Swag

Peaches are the perfect sweet treat for the warmer months! Want to turn this delicious fruit into your home decor theme? The color is more likely to coordinate with existing decor because of the muted tone. Create a peach evergreen swag with the steps and supplies provided below!


•Messy ruffle

Ribbons cut -12in

Mesh cut – 20in


​Most supplies can be found at Trendy Tree or Hardworkingmomstore.com

Get Supplies Trendy Tree- https://bit.ly/350JHZO

Mesh https://hardworkingmomstore.com​ 

31in Evergreen swag

10in white with black edge deco mesh


1.5in Peach with white polka dots 

1.5in  Black and white gingham

2.5in Black and white checked peach

2.5in Peach with white diagonal stripes


Begin by straightening out your swag and stretching out the limbs to face outwards. Next, I cut my mesh to 20 inch sections. With this technique I usually run my thumbs through the middle of the mesh on a flat surface. With this messy technique, I’m simply going to roll in the outer edge of the mesh to follow the natural curl then gather and pinch in the middle. Once the ruffle is created, I will secure onto one of the outer limbs of the swag. Continue to tie ruffles on both sides of the swag.

The middle of the swag will be covered with our bow and decor items later, however, you can still place ruffles here if it seems too bare. 

To make my oversized bow, I will be using my EZ Bow Maker! All of my ribbon designs will be used for this bow. Secure the bow to the swag with another limb from the top center of the swag. The tails may be a little long but you can choose to roll up the ribbon and hide underneath or secure down at the bottom of the swag for a more clean look.

To tie in my Peach Sign, punch holes in the corners, run floral wire through the back of the swag and tie to your evergreen frame. 

The faux peaches and Eucalyptus can be adhered to my swag by using hot glue. 

Click here to view the full video tutorial of this Peach Swag!
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