How to Make Wreaths for Gifting

How to Make Wreaths for Gifting

Whether your friends are moving to a new place or your parents are buying a new house, they all have one thing in common. They will need wreaths to hang on their front door as a welcome sign and even one to hang over their mantels. You can make wreaths through the DIY method at home, and for that, you will need a few basic materials to jumpstart the process. 

Assemble all of the following materials before you do wreath making:

  • Floral wires which can be green, copper, or brass according to your choice
  • Floral pins and straight pins of varying sizes
  • Foliage such as Ficus leaves or boxwood
  • Ribbons, yarn, and fabric
  • Mesh
  •  Wire cutters
  • Glue gun
  • Glue 
  • Monofilament (to hang the wreath)
  • Work gloves to protect your hands from stickiness and pointy needles

How to make wreaths with styrofoam 

There are different types of wreaths that you can go for, and below, you will find the procedure of making a wreath out of styrofoam as it is durable and light.

Choose your shape and color

Wreaths are usually round, but you can pick a shape of your choosing. After picking the shape, choose the color of the styrofoam. You can go for white or different combinations by spray painting it. The most creative approach is going for monochrome. Choose a color such as maroon and pick different hues of the color to make a wreath. Choose the ribbons, yarn, and fabric in multiple variations of maroon only, and it will give more texture to your wreath.

Create depth

You can add leaves and different shapes to the wreath and give it depth and volume. When you begin to see the world in patterns, you will exercise imagination as you experiment and explore your wreath-making skills. A hack to create depth is adding two layers to your wreath by placing one wreath over the other. It will bring uniqueness and will highlight all the little details that you have added to your wreath.

The element of individuality

As you are gifting the wreath and have taken all the steps to customize it, you can be assured that it will be exclusive. When you look at wreaths, you usually feel calm and peaceful, which is why they are hung on front doors and above mantels to bring a feeling of joy. When your loved one has bought a house, they will need help with the basics, such as lifting and moving their stuff. Yet, when you gift them a wreath by making it with your own hands, they will instantly feel the warmth and accept it lovingly.All in all, gifting wreaths is an immaculate way to make your loved ones feel special as they will remember it for a long time. Wreaths are gifts that will last for a long time since they represent how life is eternal compared to its shape, which has no beginning or end. Create and gift a wreath now and make your loved one feel warm and fuzzy inside!

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