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How Long Does It Take to Make a Successful Business?

So you started a business, or you’re thinking about it? Let’s talk about expectations you have for your business; how long it takes to get your business going; and how to get it going really well.

When you start a business, you have to understand that it takes time to set up your business, to get customers, and to get REPEAT customers.

Many new business owners think they’ll start up a business and expect success in a month, or three months. They may join a coaching group, take a class, go through a course, and then think they are ready to start a business and achieve immediate success!

Remember: you’re running a marathon, not a sprint!

Most times, when you see people who are successful, there’s work that has happened in the past that you’re not seeing. Expect it to take some time. It can take 1-3 years to establish a long lasting, successful business. Sure, you may have early on success, but if you want your business to be set for the future — have longevity, then you need to go through the necessary steps.

You need to be consistent on social media!

I tell my group members to be very careful about doing one thing at a time. Concentrate on what makes money. Focus on one social at a time. When you’re just starting out, pick one social media channel that you have some handle on and get to know it well. Perfect it, gain efficiencies, and then you’ll be able to spend less time on it.

When you are first getting started, you’re the only one doing it. Make your time count!

You do not need to watch everyone’s LIVE videos. Watch them later. If you want to support another Creative’s LIVE video, do a drive by: say hello, share it, and get out.

You should be spending time working on your business. Sometimes, you may feel like you don’t have enough time to work on your business. Look for the time wasters…such as browsing social media and watching LIVE videos. Reduce or eliminate them.

Keep your overwhelm in check.

Being overwhelmed makes creatives want to quit! Remember: it’s a marathon, not a sprint!

For example, do not do 15 things at a time: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, Shopify, etc. You will end up spending a little time on each thing, it wont be set up the way it should be, and it wont work for you. Instead, focus on one area, understand it, and then move on to the next thing.

Is it going to make you money? Start where you will make money! Evaluate what is right for your business.

Get a quick handle on social media so you aren’t spending a lot of time learning it.

Be careful spending time on all the how-to social media videos and courses.

Yes, you can learn it all on your own, BUT they all have something different to say and they’re only going to tell you a portion of it. It’s important to them that you get their course or join their group. Many of the people who are experts in social media have invested time in training and learning, and then have spent a lot of time in laying out course materials in a step-by-step manner. Just because there is a 10-hour course on minichat, doesn’t mean you need that 10-hour course, maybe you can find a 30-minute course that gives you just what you need.

It’s always my suggestion that you try and find a group that works really well for you, whether it’s my group or not.

You should find a group with someone that you identify with. There are many aspects to being in a group: training, community, friendships, different perspectives, and support. You’ll find support and technical knowledge from others who are willing to share and help others. Just having that community will help you find answers without taking that long 10-hour course!

It’s really important that you’re careful how you set up your company, and careful how you run it.

Focus on your business and figure out how you’ll help someone solve their problems! It takes work. You have to earn the trust of the people who are coming to you to solve their problems. It could be as simple as they like to decorate their house, and they need something new for their door! They may need a new mug, and they want it to say HOT MOMMA on it! Doesn’t matter what it is. All businesses serve a purpose. Figure out what purpose you are serving for your customer, identify that customer, and work towards that. It’s a process that you will go through to learn about yourself, your business, and your customers.

I hope this helps you!

If you are looking for a group, you can come check ours out, Lori Jacobs Success Path. My group members are called the #cubbies.

❤ Lori

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