Recycled Art Ideas For A Charming Garden

What’s the best way to put those unwanted items to use? Upcycle them to liven up your garden of course! 

Grab the kids and put your imagination to work! Check out these fun and quirky craft ideas to give your garden a little charm.

Recycled Can Wind Chime

For this project you will use 4-5 tin cans that are all different sizes yet nest together. Paint your cans with outdoor paint to maintain their vivid color. Next, you will need a hammer and nail to make a small hole in the top of each can. Using a pipe cleaner, you will thread it through the smallest can and tie a knot so that the inside of the can rests on the knot. 

Decide where you want your next can to hang, thread your pipe cleaner through the hole and tie a knot, and so on. Make sure you have at least 3 pipe cleaners to thread all of your cans and tie a hanging loop at the top!

Coffee Mug Bird Feeder

This craft is super simple and will bring a whimsical touch to your greens!

Use industrial strength glue to adhere your coffee mug to the top middle of a saucer plate with the mug handle facing upwards. 

Let dry for 1-2 days and use twine to hang up your new feeder from the mug handle! 

Just add bird seed and watch the magic happen!

Plant Markers

Here are our two favorite ways to create plant markers from recycled materials!

Simply use Washi tape to cover clothespins and write your plant labels on the side. A label maker may come in handy here! Use skinny wooden dowels to place in the soil and clamp on your clothespin!

This version requires a metal stamp kit. 

Do you have old silverware that has no use?  Grab a hammer and flatten out the forks and spoons. Use your metal stamp kit to stamp the names of your plants. The stamping may be hard to see so use a small permanent marker to trace the letters!

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