Spring Centerpiece Ideas

As the seasons change, consider shifting your table decor with these spring centerpiece ideas. They are cute, stylish, and super easy to recreate. Many of these ideas take little to no money and could help you repurpose some things you already have in your craft stash.

Spring Centerpiece Ideas

Fruit & Flower Centerpiece Runner (Pizzazzerie)

Fruit and flowers have long been a sign of the spring season so it’s no wonder why the combination would make for a beautiful table runner. The tutorial walks you through how to create one using fresh flowers and fruit; however, you can totally recreate this using faux flowers and fruit. You’ll still have a bright and attractive centerpiece that will wow your guests.

Mini Rain Boots Flower Arrangement (Giggles Galore)

A pair of kids rain boots, ribbon, and flowers of your choice come together to make this adorable centerpiece. It’s a fun way to dress up a table or the perfect centerpiece idea for a kid’s spring-themed birthday party. You can get pretty creative with the colors for this idea.

Cabbage Vase Floral Arrangement (Home Is Where the Boat Is)

Have you ever considered using cabbage as a vase? We hadn’t either until we saw this idea! Of course, the larger the cabbage the better. But all you’ll need is cabbage, a flower arrangement of your choice, a small glass cup, and water. The tutorial shows a combination of hydrangeas, green carnations, and tulips but you can use whatever you’d like!

Speckled Egg Mason Jars (Yesterday on Tuesday)

These robin-egg-look-alike mason jars make for the perfect spring (and Easter) centerpiece idea. All you need are mason jars, paint, twine, and flowers. Consider making this with jars of varying sizes to add depth and visual appeal to your centerpiece.

Jello Floral Centerpieces (Wedding Obsession)

Create your own gel-like floral arrangement with boxes of Jello and half the water that it calls for. After about 30 minutes of chilling, the semi-firm gelatin will be ready for your flowers. Pair white flowers with yellow Jello or blue flowers in pink Jello. Oh, the possibilities!

Mirror Centerpiece (Kimberly Southwick)

This centerpiece is simple yet cute. Use a square (or circular) glass mirror as the base. Then add colored gems, a couple of candles (in varying sizes) and a small vase with faux flowers. Arrange the items sporadically on the glass for an eclectic appeal.

Lemon-Inspired Tablescape (The Inspired Home)

Lemons are bright and bold in color which makes them an ideal go-to when looking to give your table a boost of color. Greenery, white candles, and a vase filled with water are just a few ways to work lemons into a beautiful tablescape.

Spring Embroidered Mason Jars (Decor Home Ideas)

All we can say about this centerpiece is, “Wow!” What a good idea and use for small jars. The tutorial will walk you through how to spray paint the jars and leave each letter of the word spring on each one. They’ll come together in the center of the table to spell the word spring while showcasing a cute arrangement of flowers.

Daffodil-Filled Watering Can Centerpiece (Simply Country Life)

The next time you’re at the Dollar Tree, pick up a few tin watering cans and give them a good spray paint. Fill each one with faux greenery like reindeer moss and faux daffodils. Other items to consider adding for a full centerpiece is an antique wooden box, birds nests and fake eggs.

Spring Under a Glass Centerpiece (Cottage at the Crossroads)

Create an entire spring-like environment beneath a glass cloche with this unique centerpiece idea. Cottage at the Crossroads used green moss, an antique-style teacup and saucer along with a fresh flower arrangement to create an eye-catching centerpiece.

Final Thoughts

Decorating for spring can be so much fun! These spring centerpiece ideas are sure to inspire you to create a tablescape you, your family, and guests will love. Which one are you most excited about trying? As always, we’d love to hear from you so leave a comment below, and don’t forget to pin this post so you can easily find it later! While you’re trying to decide, don’t forget to check out our other spring-inspired decor posts:

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