St. Patrick’s Day Party Decor Ideas

If you are planning to have a festive St. Patty’s party, then you’ll love these St. Patrick’s Day Party Decor Ideas. These ideas make setting up super easy! The color scheme is already chosen thanks to the beautiful shades of green with touches of gold and the other additions match perfectly. You don’t have to be Irish to throw a good party and these decor ideas will help you celebrate in style!

St. Patrick’s Day Party Decor Ideas

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The Party Backdrop

Having a party backdrop can really spruce up the feel of whatever you’re celebrating. While these aren’t always necessary, they can be fun to put together and beautiful to the eyes. One of the most popular backdrop options for parties these days is a balloon garland. All you’ll need to create your own are a pack of balloons (in different shades of green), yarn (or twine), and tape. Blow up balloons in a variety of sizes and attach them along the yarn or twine, then hang on the wall or table.

You can also use shamrock-shaped and heart-shaped balloons (the ones that use helium) to attach to your garland or use to create a completely different backdrop style. Add in a few banners, party favors, and the like to fill in any blank spots.

Party Supplies for Tables

Party supplies are a must and you don’t have to spend a ton of money to deck out your party tables. Dollar Tree (or your local Dollar Store) will most likely have St. Patrick’s Day-themed supplies, so here’s a short list of things you don’t want to forget to grab:

  • Table cover (green or white)
  • Lunch plates (gold would pop against the green table cover)
  • Dessert plates (shamrock shaped would add an additional Irish touch)
  • Napkins (grab a few packs of green and white plaid to add even more decorative texture)
  • Cups (grab gold to match the lunch plates)
  • Straws (gold to match the cups)
  • Tableware (white or green to contrast the table cover)

In addition to the basic supplies mentioned above, you can also go the extra mile by including a variety of raised trays to offset table space for foods and beverages.

You may also want to include some St. Patrick’s Day confetti and extra party favors to decorate the middle of the tables. Balloons work well as tablescapes too!

Party Foods and Drinks

If you want to skip making lots of St. Patrick’s Day-themed foods, you can always pick up shamrock-shaped sugar cookies with green frosting, shortbread cookies with green and white stripes, cupcakes with rainbow icing, or green-dyed fudge. It’s also fairly easy to create St. Patty’s Day-themed drinks. A drop of green food coloring can easily make green beverages so all you’ll need are a few recipes of things you’d like to make.

St. Patrick’s Day Party Favors

What’s a party without party favors? This is another area that can be sourced out to pre-made gifts for guests or you can try your hand at making some yourself (which is easy to do). If you want to go the DIY route, here are a few ideas of things you can easily make:

  • Leprechaun popcorn (popped corn tossed in melted green candy melts)
  • Scrapbook paper party cones (fill them with gold-wrapped candy)
  • Place Rolos in a bag and attach a printable tag that says, “Our Friendship is Golden”
  • Bag up mini patties and attach a tag that says, “Happy Saint Patties Day”

These are just a few ideas of DIY party favors to try. And as always, don’t forget to check with your local Dollar Store to see what they have in stock. You’ll most likely find several things you can put together as take-home gifts for your guests.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the St. Patrick’s Day party decor ideas from above, putting together your own celebration is easy peasy. And if you’re the crafty type, why not throw in a craft project that you and your friends can do together? I have this Pot of Gold Door Hanger Kit or this Leopard Print Shamrock Door Hanger Kit that would be great picks!

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