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Hanging wreaths in different spots in your house can help enhance the exquisiteness of your place overall. So be it indoors or outdoors, you can utilize artificial wreaths adorned with faux fruits or flowers to beautify various spaces in your home. Some of them are more appropriate to put up in a specific season (like summer, winter, spring, etc.), while some are more suitable for certain occasions (such as Christmas, Halloween, etc.). Either way, there is a wide range of scintillating wreaths at your disposal that you can hang in various spots of your house. We promise you; they are bound to lighten up your abode all year round!


Fancy up the outdoor area of your house by dressing it up with visual-appealing wreaths. Confused about which outdoor spots are most ideal for this purpose? Read below to find out!


Let’s be real- first impression is the last impression. Before the guests step inside your house, they’ll first cross the porch. If you hang a large cozy wreath on your front door, it will definitely grab their attention- serving as a perfect way to welcome them in your home. 

You can be creative in the way you choose to decorate; use an extra wreath in case you have double doors at the entrance or make a unique floating wreath to add flair to your porch. Just make sure the size of the wreaths is proportionate to the door because the symmetry enhances visual appeal.  

Exterior Windows

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Another interesting location where you can showcase outdoor-safe foliage is exterior windows. You can position exquisite wreaths right in the center of every window, ensuring a gap of four to six inches on either side. Or perhaps, you can opt for a special wreath that perfectly fits entire size of the window frame to make an extraordinary impact on the viewer. 


You can create a charming ambience in your patio by adorning the space with theme-based floral wreaths, window boxes, stunning garlands, hanging baskets, and flower arrangements. You can buy these items either in contrasting or matching colors for a dramatic effect that is bound to turn heads. 


You can bring the feel of a pleasant weather outside by creating a similar ambience indoors just by hanging gorgeous wreaths in unassuming places. Ranging from places like your hallway all the way to your kitchen, there isn’t a space in your house that wouldn’t brighten up with a wreath! 


If you’ve adorned the passageway in your house with a floral wreath, then you’ve probably employed the best way to welcome friends and family who visit your home. A place where you wouldn’t conventionally hang a wreath but is ideal is a coat hook! Place an attractive wreath tactically over there so it comes into notice even when your guests leave.  

Hallways are known to have a bland setting but you have the opportunity to invigorate it simply by adding a wreath. 

Living Room

For a great exposure, you can utilize the windows indoors and hang a wreath on them. Since they’ll be on the window, one can even enjoy the view from outside. For further embellishments, you can even hang a wreath on a framed art piece. It will certainly leave the viewer feeling impressed and in awe of your creativity. 


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You can decorate the shelf in your kitchen or the cabinets by hanging wreaths. Enhance the beauty of an ordinary kitchen with wreaths placed on stovetops or any furniture items that have knobs- they are the perfect spots where you can showcase a beautiful foliage. 

Decorate your house with wreaths hung in corners one wouldn’t easily assume. For example, you could place a striking wreath right above the sink which adds a jovial touch to the kitchen area.  

Final Remarks

Hopefully this blog has facilitated you in figuring out the different spaced that can be adorned with all kinds of wreaths. We’ve explored several spots, both indoors and outdoors, to help you add life to even unassuming corners in your home!

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