10 Things You Can Do With a Ribbon Grab Bag

Do one quick search for a ribbon grab bag and you’ll instantly see that they’re available in all shapes, sizes, and forms. If you hesitate to buy one of these, keep reading to see the benefits of having one as well as 10 creative ideas for how to use them!

What is a ribbon grab bag?

In short, a ribbon grab bag is a bag of ribbon “scraps.” Depending on the seller, you can hit a gold mine of yards upon yards of printed and/or solid ribbon. The bags can also come with an assortment of width sizes and textures.

Although you may not be able to specifically pick colors, textures, lengths, and the like, the surprise is actually pretty exciting. I recommend taking the leap and purchasing at least one ribbon grab bag and trying some of the craft ideas below.

10 Things You can Do With a Ribbon Grab Bag

Don’t be intimidated by ribbon grab bags nor be overwhelmed with your current ribbon scrap stash. The ideas below will help you use them up in crafty, creative ways!

1. Decorate a gift box.

If you like to give gifts, having a few pre-decorated gift boxes on hand can make this much easier. Not to mention, adding your own crafty touch can make the gift more personal and sentimental. Using a few of your scraps, you can hot glue them around the base of the box and on the top the match. Another idea is to use your ribbon scraps to tie a bow and hot glue it to the top of the box.

2. Add an embellishment to silverware.

Skip the traditional napkin wrapping around your silverware and go for using ribbon to tie a bow around them. This is particularly cute for themed dinner parties and special occasions. The best part about it is the ribbon will be reusable!

3. Create ribbon bookmarks.

These can be done in several ways. I’ve seen people hot glue a button to one of the ribbon and a rubber band (attached by folding the ribbon over and hot gluing or sewing it over the rubber band) to the other end. You’ll want to use a thicker ribbon for this idea but the possibilities are endless. 

You can also attach ribbon to cardstock paper to create a durable and cute bookmark. Another idea is to attach beads to each end of the ribbon for a weighted bookmark. These can be given as gifts to the readers in your life.

4. Make a no-sew ribbon tutu.

Depending on the length of your ribbon and how big the tutu will need to be, you can use a long piece and some tulle. The tulle will be tied around the ribbon in a slipknot form. You can choose any color and get pretty creative. Ideally, you won’t need longer than 25” inches or so (for up to an 8 year old). 

5. Upcycle an old pillow.

Do you have an old pillow that you wished looked a little differently? This is where your ribbon grab bag can come to the rescue. Instead of tossing the pillow or donating it to your local Goodwill, consider giving it a makeover with a few strips of ribbon. They can be hot glued in unique patterns such as an offset cross, stripes, or even a plaid design. Add a few flowers to give it an extra pizzazz.

6. Give a lampshade a criss-cross ribbon boost.

In this super easy tutorial, you can take a plain lampshade and create an accent piece that will surely turn a few heads. There’s no sewing involved and all you’ll need is your bag of ribbon and some hot glue.

7. Make flat-ribbon roses.

Once you get the hang of making these roses, you’ll want to create an entire “garden” of them. They can then be used to embellish other craft projects or decorate something entirely new. Flat-ribbon roses are a must-try with your ribbon grab bag pieces.

8. Design a pack of ribbon cards. 

There is not a more personal card than one you’ve created yourself. Using your grab bag of ribbons and few extra embellishments, you can create some of the cutest, most memorable cards. Start by choosing colored (or white) cardstock paper of your choice, then let your creative juices flow. Pinterest and YouTube have some pretty cool ideas for inspiration.

9. Design a wild wreath.

Wreaths don’t always have to be geared toward a specific season or holiday. In fact, you can always keep your door or space in your home decorated with one. If you’re looking for a unique way to use your bag of ribbon scraps, go for creating a wild wreath. Wild wreaths don’t have any particular color and in fact, the wilder, the better.

10. Decorate clothespins.

Clothespins are often bland in design, which makes for a great craft project canvas. Give your clothespins an updo by adding a piece of ribbon to them. All it takes is a little bit of measuring, cutting, and hot gluing. Then, you’ll have stylish clothespins no matter what you’re using them for. 

Final Thoughts

Having a ribbon grab bag on hand is a great idea. Although you may not use them as soon as you get them, they are one of those supplies that are good to have on hand. Whether you’ll grab them to create something entirely new or give something a crafty boost, you can’t go wrong with using ribbon from your grab bag.

Do you craft with ribbon often? Perhaps you’ve already built up a nice stash and it’s starting to pile over. If this is the case, check out my post about clever ways to organize craft ribbon. I share ways that you can skip purchasing the fancy accessories and use supplies you most likely already have on hand.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear about your experiences with using a ribbon grab bag. What are some things you’ve created? Let me know in the comments below!

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