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Floral wreaths provide a beautiful yet modern look to the traditional designs of wreaths we are used to seeing. Whether it is the warmth of summer or the blooming of spring, floral wreaths offer an elegant and fresh look to your décor. If you have skimmed through stores and have not found one that matches your preference, why not make it yourself. 

Designing a wreath by yourself is relatively easy and does not require much cost. In this small guide, we will you how to combine various supplies to create a wreath that shows your seasonal design preferences and complements door décor all year round. 

Making a Lovely DIY Floral Project

Designing a DIY wreath requires you to create a look that complements every season and also go for neutral colors aside from greenery. Greenery might look good for summer, but the bright colors can also add a freshened look to winter. 

  • Supplies Needed

Start with a simple wooden wreath along with some artificial branches, leaves, and flowers. Pick the supplies as your preference that has a combination of green and neutral colors. Also, you will need a ribbon the complements the color of the flowers you have selected. 

You might wonder if you can use real flowers and branches?

Yes, you can use them, but since you want the decoration to last, using original material will only create a temporary ornament. Artificial supplies will make your wreath last for long and throughout the seasons without degrading. 

  • Tools to Use

The tools you need to design your floral wreath are a pair of scissors, floral wire, pliers (preferably diagonal), and a glue gun. You will use the diagonal pliers to cut things rather than bending. 

Design Process

Start designing the wreath by coiling the branches over and under each other and use floral wires to keep them in place. Tuck the leaves at the top and bottom of the branches and flowers in the middle. The leaves will surround the flowers and make a frame that you can reinforce using floral wire or glue gun. 

You can layer the flowers in a way that a large flower stays in the middle while smaller ones surround it entirely. You can also add a few bright ones on the leaves to complete the look. Layer the colors according to depths and interests to build each side with alternating colors. 

Cut any extra stems that come out of the coil using the pair of scissors and fill the holes with a glue gun for final reinforcement. Set the ribbon and attach it in place for a final touch. 


Once you have designed your wreath, hang the ornament above a mantel, wall, or door. Congratulate yourself for creating this beautiful decoration piece all by yourself. 

Final Word

Designing a DIY floral wreath is not a challenge once you know about the supplies and basics of designing. Select an assortment of colors and leaves that make a bold statement and gives your wreath a look that it deserves. 

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