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What are the Different Types of Deco Mesh?

This informational video will review the different types of deco mesh available to use in your creative wreaths as well as when to use them.

Mesh comes in a variety of colors, styles, material, and price points!

I’ve had lots of requests for this video, so I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful! In addition to the video, a written summary is included below with helpful links and video timestamps for each mesh type.

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links for supplies and tools used. If you purchase, I will get a few pennies for the purchase. About enough to buy a stick of gum 🙂

Let’s Review the Different Types of Deco Mesh!

Watch the video or keep reading below:

We’re going to go through different types of mesh and what they’re used for, including their price level.

Basic Mesh

[0:50] Sometimes it’ll say Basic on the label, sometimes it won’t. Basic mesh is very thin and stiff on the edges. You can see right through it. Doesn’t mean it’s bad, just understand if you cut into it, it will fray more than the more expensive mesh. When to use: for poofs, poof curls, or a regular poof wreath. Do not use basic mesh for ruffles! If you have a 10″ roll, you can make a Woodland Ruffle. Available in 10″ and 21″ rolls.

Metallic Mesh

[2:20] Metallic mesh has, well, metallic thread in it! It’s basic mesh with a metallic thread running through it. Metallic will not fray as much as basic mesh. You can use metallic mesh for ruffles. Available in 10″ and 21″ rolls.

Basic Mesh with lots of Thread

[3:16] Basic mesh with lots of thread will appear to be striped or have a pattern. It may include foil or lots of metallic thread in it. It’s gives it a little bit more stiffness.

Wide Foil Mesh

[4:12] Wide foil mesh is very shiny and has a ton of foil in it. Pretty much, the whole thing is foiled! Wide foil mesh is a lot thicker than basic mesh, and you cannot see through it as easily as basic mesh. Wide foil mesh will also not fray as much. Comes in 10″ and 21″ rolls. The foil is tightly packed together.

Basket Weave Mesh

[5:35] Basket weave mesh has small square holes in it. The holes can be large or small. These are great if you are looking to build layers on top of them. Basket weave mesh is great for poof curls or candy can ruffles. The smaller holes are tighter weaves. Comes in 10″ and 21″ rolls.

Burlap Mesh

[6:21] Burlap mesh is almost like a basket weave. It’s a cross between paper and burlap. It’s stiff, crunchy and frays easily. It can be tough to work with, so be careful when you use it. The more you cut, the more it’ll fray. It’s great for accents and poofs. Tends to come in smaller amounts, for example, it comes in 5 yards versus 10 yards.

Eyelash Mesh

[7:23] I’m guessing it’s called eyelash mesh because it almost looks like eyelashes!  It’s a combination of basic mesh with wide foil. Excellent as an accent. I like to cut it up and use it as an accent in a wreath.  It doesn’t fray because of the foil.

Splatter Mesh

[8:12] Splatter mesh is a combination of tulle and splatter dots.  It’s stiff and thicker than plain tulle. It’s super thin and doesn’t fray – great for accents.

Glitter Tulle Mesh

[8:46] It’s glittered and textured like a spider web.  It’ll make a mess! Lots of glitter! No fray and makes a great accent!

Burlap Mesh

[9:09] There are several different types of burlap mesh.  This one in particular has a snow border and frayed edges – great for a scarecrow or rustic wreath.

Jute Burlap

[9:45] Jute burlap is essentially deco mesh with jute string – comes in various colors.  It’s super awesome to work with! Fibers will get in the air, so use caution when using it.  It ruffles exceptionally well. More pricey, but not as much as the wide foil mesh.

Poly Burlap

[10:21] Poly burlap is very commonly used in flowers.  It’s like a plastic version of burlap with a very fine weave. It will absolutely fray.  It’s best to seal the ends when making flowers. You can use a wood burning tool, a bag sealer, a heated up rotary cutter.

Fabric Mesh

[11:36] Fabric mesh is a cotton mesh that’s very fine and easy to work with.  A little thin, but easy to ruffle. Super soft and easy on the hands; available in many colors.

Drift Mesh

[12:27] Drift mesh essentially has a line of cotton inside the mesh on every row.  Frays less than regular burlap.

Snowball Mesh

[12:37] Snowball mesh is jute mesh with a snowball detail. Frays less than regular burlap.

Poly Burlap with Snowball

[12:44] Poly burlap with snowball has the snowball detail in it.  When they add the snowball in it, it frays a lot less than regular poly burlap.


In conclusion, jute mesh, cotton mesh, metallic, wide foil and basket weave mesh all go well with any project. Basic mesh with threading is better for almost any project. The application is really up to your imagination. No matter what mesh you use in your projects, the key is to minimally handle the mesh. The less you touch and mess with the mesh, the less it will fray. The higher quality mesh will fray much less than the cheaper mesh.

Great places to get mesh:

Deco Exchange, Trendy Tree, Craft Outlet, The Wreath Shop, General Wholesale, etc…

Hope you enjoyed this informational review!

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    We have a cat stand that has a section with mesh. It’s flexible as well as durable. It’s over 5 years old so it’s in need of replacement. Which mesh would be recommended as a replacement?

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