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How To Make A Halloween Skull Deco Mesh Wreath with Woodland Ruffles |Hard Working Mom

Looking to create a beautiful Halloween wreath to spice up your home decor? Follow these simple steps to create a stunning wreath just like the ones created by Hard Working Mom! Supply list included & video tutorial.

METHOD: Woodland Ruffles Mesh Cut:

Materials Needed:

Bottom- Cut Ruffles 34in long Top- Cut Ruffles 34in long

For the Bottom you will need 5 Orange Woodland Ruffles cut at 34in and

5 Black Woodland Ruffles cut at 34in

For Top you will need 4 Orange Woodland Ruffles cut at 34in and

4 Black Woodland Ruffles cut at 34in

Ribbons Cut -12in

SUPPLIES: Sign and Ribbon Set- https://hardworkingmomstore.com/produ… 20 Yards of Ribbon

5 Yards of 2.5in Vintage Halloween Ribbon

5 Yards of 1.5in Orange Denim Ribbon

5 Yards of 2.5in Black Denim Ribbon

5 Yards of 1.5in White and Black Gingham Edge Ribbon

20 yards of ribbon

10in Sign 1

5in Orange Wreath Frame- https://hardworkingmomstore.com/produ…

10in Black with Black Edge Mesh- https://hardworkingmomstore.com/produ…

10in Orange Wide Striped Mesh- https://hardworkingmomstore.com/produ…

Step One: Fluff the Wreath Frame Begin by fluffing up the wireframe to make it easier to work with. Spread out the wire pieces evenly around the circle and bend them upwards slightly.

Step Two: The mesh ruffles! (Helpful tip try our deco mesh ruffle tool to help make those ruffles faster.)

Step Three: Add the ribbons on top of the mesh after you have covered the whole base.

Step Four: Add the sign. If you need a metal hole punch find it here!

Step Five: Add a bow!

Step Six: Hang and Enjoy! Your wreath is now complete and ready to hang! Use a wreath hanger to display it on your front door or hang it inside as part of your home decor.

Creating a stunning wreath is an easy and enjoyable project that anyone can do. With a few basic materials and some creativity, you can create a wreath that reflects your personal style and adds a pop of color to any space. Follow these simple steps and get started on creating your own beautiful wreath today! Find the video here!

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