How To Create The Perfect Farmhouse Style Wreath

There’s no better decor item that fits the rustic farmhouse look like a wreath. A wreath can be created in so many ways to fit the theme and it can be so versatile even throughout the season and holidays. Here are a few visual elements that frequently fit into the Farmhouse role. 

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Nude Accents

The farmhouse style is perceived as rustic and muted. Loud colors are rarely used in home decor that is considered “Farmhouse”. Nude colors such as beige, white, and grey are present in the typical color scheme of this look. 

Rustic Touches

A farmhouse theme can also be seen as rustic. One decor material we love to see in themes like this is burlap! It can be used in so many different ways and gives a wreath its farmhouse charm!

All About Plaid

Plaid is a common staple often seen in this theme. Black and white plaid or a black and white check are subtle yet make a statement on a good farmhouse wreath. 

White Everywhere

A white color scheme is often associated with a farmhouse style. This is seen not only in wreaths but in home decor as well. White countertops with white kitchen canisters, black and white check curtains. The color white is a bright and frequent color that should be used in your wreath. 

If you are interested in farmhouse decor and are looking for the perfect accent piece, head to the Hard Working Mom Youtube channel to create a few wreaths of your own! Check out these videos: 

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