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How To Decorate A Metal Christmas Tree

Affiliate links for tools used. If you purchase I will get a few pennies for the purchase. About enough to buy a stick of gum 🙂 

Hey, Lori here, I hope you are all ready for Christmas I know I need more time but we will manage. I found this cute metal Christmas tree from one of the vendors at the craft show that I attended a couple weeks ago and knew my momma would love it.

What we are going to do first is wrap some Christmas lights around the bars of the tree. Make sure your lights work first before you start wrapping them around. I will go around the tree doing each part with lights. I did it on the looser side you could always do the lights tight to have more than the two strands.

After the lights are all wrapped around I will take my red berry garland and wrap these around the tree. I love how they have some berries that are loose around it so I can fan these out and have them cover the tree well. I will zip tie these to the tree so they stay.

Next up is a bow. This is a great quick project to decorate your front door or entryway. I will make this bow by hand, I am going to use my Pro Bow The Hand 4-in-1 just to hold my ribbons for me as I add the layers. Hard Working Mom Tip ( I like to take my bow maker with me to craft shows to just hold my ribbons and while I am at the show I make bows in front of them. )

We are going to use this red 2.5-inch ribbon to start. I am going to measure my tail out, how I want it to look hanging from the tree. You could always do your tails longer. We will start with a 6″ inch loop and we will do 3 loops on each side. When starting this bow I want to take my hand and place the ribbon between my thumb this will be my hold or pinch. Now we are not going to twist we will just keep doing the under and over.

Placing it between my thumb and taking it creating that first loop at 6″ inches and then coming over and then placing under. We will do this for all 6 loops. Taking my fingers and making sure each loop is the same length. I will place it into my bow maker to hold that pinch for me. Keeping my tails coming forward from the bow.

We will move on to our JOY ribbon. I want the words to all to face the same way, so we will do the same thing again taking the ribbon to dovetail my ends 12″ inch tail, with a 6″ inch loop. We will start under then over. When the ugly side is down you will go over. Under towards you and put your hands in those loops to make them match, then when you are on the other side you will go over. Place these 4 loops into my bow maker to hold it for us.

Next, we will add our 1.5- inch ribbon I love this because the tails will be super curly. We will do the same thing only two loops total one on each side. Starting under towards us then over the other way. Make sure you run your fingers through the ribbon to get that great curl. Taking your two fingers and just pulling down on the ribbon helps make those curls.

I will place this last loop of ribbon on top of the others and take a zip tie and place it under my bows as close to that center pinch as I can, adding a tie on the back to attach it to my tree.

Here you have it a simple yet cute way to greet your friends and family this holiday season. Don’t forget to check out the video of this project I shared lots of information about my craft show. Also, our new wreath kit of the month was listed today make sure you check it out at www.hardworkingmomstore.com

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Affiliate links for tools used. If you purchase I will get a few pennies for the purchase. About enough to buy a stick of gum 🙂 


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