How to Help Sales this Month: 7 Strategies

How can you help your sales this month? Is it a question that has been on your mind lately? The answer might be simpler than you think! In this blog post, we will give you 7 strategies to make the most of the upcoming months.

  1. Check out your tags on Etsy and make sure they are ideal the tag says “t-shirt” as well as whatever else you want to be included in the tags for more visibility. Great tags will bring buyers to your items. Make sure that your products are tagged correctly. A good example of this is if you are selling a t-shirt that has an image on it, make sure you are using what is on the image as well. If you struggle with Tags checkout ERank for Etsy.

  2. Pinterest are you using Pinterest to help drive traffic to your shop? If not you should. Pinterest is one of the best ways to get traffic to your shop and convert to sales. If it’s implemented correctly can be great for Etsy SEO as well. For more details on how exactly that works check out my Success Path Group!

  3. Photos! I know that I’ve said this before but you need to make sure that your photos are of the highest quality and best shots. If a buyer wants to buy an item it is because they like what they see so if someone lands on one of your listings and there all blurry, or low resolution, etc… It’s a turn-off and it reflects poorly on the quality of product this might be, which wont result in sales.

  4. Is your shop set up correctly? Are you missing information? What are you waiting for? Set up your About page! It’s quick and easy to do, it will make a huge difference. The more information that you provide about yourself the better because then buyers can see what kind of person they’re buying from which is great for building trust with them. Make sure your shop policies are current and correct.

  5. Stocking your shop is so important. Provide new content on a daily basis and it will show up in the “recently listed” section of your shop for some extra attention. This has been proved to result in more shop favorites & sales.

  6. Make sure you are taking advantage of every opportunity to promote yourself, connect with other Etsy users, join teams or groups that work well with what you’re selling. Are you on Facebook? are you using your social media to network and connect with future buyers. Facebook lives are a great way to reach new customers.

  7. Think about something that you don’t necessarily have to do every day. What’s the one thing you know you need to improve but never seem to have time for? A few examples:
  • Email Marketing
  • Descriptions
  • SEO

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