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How to make a Deco Mesh Cardinal wreath

How to make a Deco Mesh Cardinal wreath See supplies below:

Today’s method will be Ruffles cut at 30″ wide.
Ribbons will be cut at 12″ wide.

Today’s supplies are as follows:

1 15″ Red Work Wreath Frame (Craftoutlet.Com XX748824)
1 10″ Red & White Pom Pom Mesh (HobbyLobby.Com 5342191)
1 10″ Red Metallic Mesh Roll (Craftoutlet.Com RE130124)
1 19″ Red Splatter Fabric Mesh (AC Moore)
Cardinals Set (Craftoutlet.Com MW0618 or choice of your own)
Cardinal Bird House Wreath Sign (https://www.craftytessie.com/etsy-sho…)

Ribbons are as follows:

2.5″ Red & White Stripe Glitter Ribbon (Sam’s Club or choice of your own)
2.5″ Red & Black Checked Buffalo Ribbon (Sam’s Club or HobbyLobby.Com 5337001)
2.5″ Satin Snow White & Cardinals Glitter Ribbon (HobbyLobby.Com 5454145 or Craftoutlet.Com RW7399 )
2.5″ Satin Snow Small White Polka Dot Mistletoe Joy Ribbon (CarolinaPottery.Com XE363-4-01)


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  1. Patty Byers on October 26, 2018 at 9:04 pm

    I’ve watched a lot of your you tube videos, and many of other peoples too. I’ve never seen anyone show how you hang your wreaths. I’m assuming you’re making a hanger? On the last video of yours that I watched, at the very beginning, it sounded like you bought your supplies in a kit. If that is right, where did you get it? I’ve been looking at all the craft places and haven’t seen anything like it. Everyone here has only the green ‘working’ wreath. They seem to come in 2 sizes, about a 14” and 8”. You used a red one in this video, which you had a cute truck sign to put on it.
    Also, is there kind of a working rule about how many and what size mesh ribbon goes with the different sized wreaths? I haven’t seen any info on that, but with each video I watch, each lady seems to be working with different number of mesh pieces of varying widths. I think I’ve found three different sizes of the mesh in the stores.
    I can’t get out and get a job because of my health, but medicines are costing us about $500 out of pocket every month. So I’ve got to find some things that I could do to earn some money. I love to craft, so thought maybe I would try this.
    Also, do you have a distributor for boxes? It costs an arm and a leg anymore to mail things, but I’ve never seen a box that one of these wreaths would fit in to ship.

    • Lori Jacobs on October 28, 2018 at 12:47 am

      I use antique wire to make a wreath hanger. I put wreath kits together that is why I was talking about it. I buy from a lot of places but put kits together so that people can follow along with me if they like to. Most wreath bases are 14 or 15in. There is no rule as to how many ribbons or mesh it really depends on what you like. Many designers do things differently. I would just watch and see what appeals to you. You will find your own style once you try out different methods. I use a local box company. You can get boxes at Home depot, Lowes and amazon. You can also check uline.

  2. Patricia Michalec on December 16, 2018 at 2:08 am

    Hi Lori! I have recently found your YouTube channel and I absolutely love your wreaths. How do I go about buying the kits. Please let me know. Thank you

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