How to make a peacock wreath using several methods together

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Today’s theme is “The Peacock”

Today’s method will be 10″ Poufs all around and over every other tie. 10″ Pull-thru with 10″ Curls at the bottom base (cut only 10 pieces for bottom base) and 20″ Ruffles for the top base (cut only 8 pieces for the top base)

Supplies are as follow:

1 15″ Pencil Work Wreath Frame Royal Metallic Blue (choice of your own)
1 21″ Metallic Emerald Green Peacock Ombre (choice of your own Metallic Emerald Green) ( XB905-33 or XB993-33)
2 10″ Metallic Blended Peacock Ombre Poly Deco Mesh Roll ( XB99310-33)
1 11″ Turquoise Feather Peacock On Clip ( MGIG195T)
1 30″ Flocked Twig Spray in Blue ( MN008903)

Ribbons are as follow:

1 1.5″ Metallic Blue and Green Ribbon (Hobby Lobby)
1 2.5″ Blue Peacock Feather Ribbon (Hobby Lobby)
1 2.5″ Turquoise Glitter Wired Edge Sheer Ribbon (Hobby Lobby)
1 2.5″ Blue and Gold Peacock Feather Ribbon
1 2.5″ Beige Peacock Feather Gold Ribbon (Sims Pottery)

Affiliate links for tools used. If you purchase I will get a few pennies for the purchase. About enough to buy a stick of gum 🙂

Looking for the tools I use:
Pro Bow the hand
Fiskars Rotary cutter and mat
Ryobi Glue gun
Bowdabra bow maker
Metal Hole Punch

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