Super Cute Winter Wreath Ideas

(that can stay up before, during, and after the holidays)

These super cute winter wreath ideas can stay up before, during, and after the holidays! After all, any time you can save money and have cute decor it’s a win-win, right? Most of the ideas below can be made using Dollar Store supplies or things you may already have in your craft stash. The idea is to create cute decor for a fraction of what it’d cost to purchase in a big store like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.

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Super Cute Winter Wreath Ideas

Get ready to be inspired to make a wreath that takes the guesswork out of how to decorate your front (or back) door for the winter season, especially during the holidays.

Pinecones Galore

If there’s one thing that’s plentiful during this season, it’s pinecones. Head outdoors and grab a few bags full or pick up some faux ones at the Dollar Store. Secure them with hot glue around a grapevine wreath and top it off with a buffalo check bow for hanging. Add extra pizzazz by spray painting them with gold or silver spray paint and you’re all set with a nature-themed wreath for the winter season.

Eucalyptus Minimalist Wreath

Brighten your front door in a minimalist way by making a eucalyptus wreath. Lambs ear and dusty miller are also floral options that can be used in replacement of the eucalyptus. Snip and attach the floral of your choice to the bottom half of a hoop wreath and secure it with a combination of floral wire and hot glue. This project takes less than 20 minutes and costs less than $15!

Pretty Poinsettias

Poinsettias are a flower of the winter season that you can typically find in red and white. Grab the color(s) of your choice, detach them from the stem (the ones from Dollar Tree easily pop off), and hot glue them to a grapevine wreath. This is another wreath project that costs less than $15 and takes little to no time to assemble.

Pom Pom Winter Wonderland

Pom poms made from yarn with winter wonderland embellishments are how you can easily create a cute and festive wreath. There are many styles you can do, like this neutral-colored pom with polar bears or go with different shades of green with bottle brush trees. This is one you can get super creative with. 

Fresh Greenery Winter Wreath

You’ll want to head back outdoors for this wreath idea. All you need are branches of pin freshly picked from a pine tree, a few pinecones, and some snow blasts decorating snow spray. Attach your pine branches to a grapevine wreath with generous amounts of hot glue (and E6000 for optimal hold). Then attach the pinecones in places of your choice. Finish off the wreath with a few sprays of snow blasts for an ongoing winter look. 

Rustic Wood Snowflake

Grab your scrap wood and a pack of cedar shims to create a giant wooden snowflake! Once all of the pieces are painted white and dried, you can add a distressed look using sand paper. Then, assemble the pieces in a snowflake pattern and add ribbon for hanging. It’s sure to catch a few eyes!

Luxurious Pearl Wreath

Hot gluing faux pearls of all shapes and sizes to a styrofoam wreath form will create a beautiful and luxurious wreath that can stay up all winter long. It’s an elegant way to welcome your guests and give them something to talk about. This wreath project may take some time but the finished product is well worth it.

White Berry Wreath

The next time you’re at the Dollar Store, pick up several sprigs of white berries to use in making a white berry wreath. They easily attach to a grapevine wreath and nothing extra is needed unless you want to add it. White berries are another winter staple that can be used in decorating any part of your home, especially the front door.

Final Thoughts

Take the guesswork out of how to decorate your front door with these super cute winter wreath ideas. They’ll help you design on a dime while creating a look you can be proud of. What is your wreath decorating plans for this winter? Let us know in the comments below!

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