Why Videos of Wreaths Help Them Sell

Hey, Lori here! Today I wanted to talk about why you should be doing product videos of your wreaths. When you have a new product that you’re going to be putting into your store, whether it is your store on Facebook, or whether it’s a Shopify store, or it’s on Etsy, what you can do is you can do a video about it and show it off.

Facebook Lives, Instagram Lives, YouTube Lives and videos are a great way to do this. Along with simply posting a video of product where you can show it off.

What I can do is hang a wreath on a door and then I can use my video and go all the way around the wreath. I can talk about it, tell about how full it is, what kind of ribbon it has, how it would look on someone’s door, and those are the kinds of things that you want to do to draw people in.

So record a video on what you’re putting in your store and say, “Oh, I’m putting this gorgeous __” – fill in the blank, whatever it is – “In my Etsy shop today. I’m including a link here. You should go check it out.” Tell people that, “Hey, if they want to be the house of the block that everybody slows down to see because their doorway is so gorgeous, then this is what they need to do. They need to click on your link and go and find your shop and purchase it for their door.”

The other thing that you’re doing is you are answering an internal struggle. When you’re trying to make sales, what you’re trying to do is you’re trying to solve a problem for your customer. You’re trying to solve the problem.

You want to be promoting and showing off that product and talking about it so that you can get people interested in going to your shop. If you want to do a video on how to make whatever it is you’re selling, do that. If you’re nervous about being on camera yourself, then just show your product.

Just take your camera or your iPad or your webcam, or whatever it is you’re using, and point it down so that they can see your table and what you’re doing, and you don’t have to feel like you have to show yourself. Now, eventually, people are going to ask to see your face because they’re going to want that because people are trying to make a connection.

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