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Tips To Plan Christmas Decor On A Budget | Hard Working Mom

By Lori Jacobs | September 21, 2021

Are you planning to change your home décor for the holidays? Here are a few tips that will help you save on budget.

Decorate your Space with Wreaths

By Lori Jacobs | September 20, 2021

Wreaths are beautiful and decorative flower arrangements that are circular in shape (not necessarily, though!) and can be hung on walls and doors. With a DIY approach, you can make your own wreaths at home by using foliage such as Ficus leaves or boxwood and adding artificial flowers or ribbons. Wreath making is an art…

Learning The Art Of Wreath Making At Home

By Lori Jacobs | September 19, 2021

It is amazing just how wreaths are becoming more common. There was a time when wreaths were for special occasions, events, and festivals only. This is no longer the case as we see wreaths around literally for no reason at all. However, mounting wreaths in and out of your home, shop, office, and event venue…

How to Help Sales this Month: 7 Strategies

By Lori Jacobs | September 13, 2021

How can you help your sales this month? Is it a question that has been on your mind lately? The answer might be simpler than you think! In this blog post, we will give you 7 strategies to make the most of the upcoming months. Check out your tags on Etsy and make sure they…

How to Make Wreaths for Gifting

By Hard Working Mom Team | September 13, 2021

Whether your friends are moving to a new place or your parents are buying a new house, they all have one thing in common. They will need wreaths to hang on their front door as a welcome sign and even one to hang over their mantels. You can make wreaths through the DIY method at…

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Cute and Easy Halloween Bow: Step by Step Instructions

By Lori Jacobs | September 8, 2021

Follow these step-by-step instructions to learn how to make a cute, easy Halloween bow by Hard Working Mom!

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How to Make a Double Poof Halloween Wreath

By Lori Jacobs | September 2, 2021

Follow this step-by-step tutorial and learn how to make a double poof Halloween wreath for your front door.

The Ultimate Guide To Making Money Doing What You Love From Home

By Lori Jacobs | August 30, 2021

Starting your business from home might seem like a task that requires more than one person and most definitely more than one person’s experience, but there will always be the first step. Feeling scared and having questions is also anxiety-inducing.

How To Make A Easy Bridal Hoop For Wedding Service

By Lori Jacobs | August 27, 2021

Bridal hoops have become popular over the years and for many reasons. We love to create these dainty decor pieces for events like weddings or baby showers. They are not only beautiful but so simple to make!

DIY Halloween Wreath To Make With The Kids!

By Lori Jacobs | August 26, 2021

When most people think about wreaths, they think about leaves, flowers, twigs, and other pretty things, but for this one, we’re going to get a little spooky. This creepy wreath is sure to add to the ambiance of our Halloween décor this October. This particular wreath is easy to make, so you can even get…