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How to make a Grinch Deco Mesh Wreath for Christmas

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links for supplies and tools used. If you purchase, I will get a few pennies for the purchase. About enough to buy a stick of gum.

Hey, Lori here! I was scrolling through Pinterest and came across a photo of my Grinch Wreath. I love seeing you all making projects with me and enjoying the love of wreath making. With the holidays right around the corner, I thought this would be a great time to refresh on the steps to make this fun festive wreath. 

When getting started in my video on my Youtube channel I started with tracing the circle of the wreath frame using a sharpy and the plastic canvas sheet. We will come back to this later but I wanted to make sure we did this first because once you get your mesh on the wreath frame it would be hard to get the exact shape for the center.

Now you can do this with different methods, but the way we are going to do it is the pull-through and ruffles method. Placing the mesh so the part that wants to curl down, starting from the outside and working our way inside on crossbar 3. The mesh is from TrendyTree and the frame is from the Dollar Tree.  

When adding the mesh on the first round I want to make sure I get a good amount in and zip tie it to the frame. Once it’s tied to the base you are going to pull the mesh in between 4 & 3 crossbars and you are going to keep pulling up and pushing the mesh over and creating a ruffle against the bar. Once you feel like you can’t pull anymore or you can’t see the frame anymore you are good to move to the next section. You will do this all around the outer frame.

 To move on to the next section you will do the same thing not cutting or trimming anything just move on to the next section pulling it though and pushing it over and keep creating those ruffles. ( Tip if you can see the wire you do not have enough mesh keep pulling) If you see the bubbles on the back just push them up and it will work them out, these are normal. 

After we have done our outer layers we are going to cut out our circle for the center. This can be difficult to put in once you get all the mesh around so make sure you do this before placing the mesh in the inner circle. I will attach this in 4 spots using zip ties. 

Next layer continuing the same method ( Pull Through) we are going to take our mesh with the roll side up and that is so the pretty side of the mesh is facing up. Doesn’t matter where you start you might have to flip the wreath down to find a good spot. I am going to go through the first section and go back though between 2 & 3 and pull it straight through. Zip tie the first section and the last section. You have to work at this and doing the same method as the first one. This section is harder to work with so just keep pulling. 

The hardest part is over! Are you still with me? Good, we are going to roll out our mesh and cut our ruffles at 20″ inches for the center. ( You will need around 18) Cut your pipe cleaners in half. You are going to do a ruffle ( it will look like a bow tie) you will take your pipe cleaner and attach it in the middle making a ruffle bundle. 

You are going to move the mesh out of the way and put part of the pipe cleaner through the canvas and then the other part through the frame. You want to start on the outer of the circle of the canvas. Do not go right to the middle because you want to keep the fullness of the wreath. Keep going all the way around about an inch or two apart and working towards that center. 

 When adding to the center you will pull through and tight and all the way down, add as many as you can in the middle. When adding a face to a wreath you want to be full and good hight. 

Let’s add the face take your foam you will need black and yellow. Using an Exacto knife and trace over your face and cut out the parts of the face from the foam. Tracing over the face from my printable and then I will glue it to the mesh. Be careful not to glue yourself or burn yourself. 

Last step to add the Santa hat, you will zip tie the hat. I cut the base and threaded through the zip tie and the hat to mesh. I positioned this over to the side and attached this twice and then once in the back. 

Here you have it The Hard Working Mom Grinch Wreath. I love this wreath it was one of my favorites to make. I also want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, blessings to all. Thanks for reading, don’t forget to tag us in your #DesignswithHWM

Supply list: 

14in wreath form

 3 to 4-10 in Lime green wide foil mesh Trendy Tree https://www.trendytree.com/mesh/10-li… 

Santa hat 

Black and Yellow Foam sheets( Any craft store) 

Exacto Knife

Plastic Canvas sheet 

Grinch Printable for face 

Pipe cleaners 

zip ties ( green or white) 


Pull though & Ruffle 

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