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How to Make Easy Basket Christmas Centerpiece.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links for supplies and tools used. If you purchase, I will get a few pennies for the purchase. About enough to buy a stick of gum

Supplies are as follows:

  • 17″ Tobacco basket – Sims pottery ( You can find these at Hobby Lobby) 
  • At least 12″ Evergreen garland ( Leftover piece works great) 
  • Wicker Rattan Balls ( You can find these at Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Amazon)
  • Greenery bushes with decorative accents ( Hobby Lobby) 
  • Ribbon- Anything you would like I am using a natural Christmas pattern ribbon and going to add Gold to make it pop. 

Tools (Optional):

Let’s get started, I got my basket from Sims Pottery and after watching some Lifetime movies I got inspired to make this table decor. I wanted to make something that would work with any home decor style so we are going to be using leftover materials I had from a wreath with natural color pallet but still festive enough for Christmas. 

Taking my garland I will attach it to the basket using 12-inch zip ties we will take it and attach it in two places to make sure it’s secure to the basket. Glue could work but I like using the zip ties to make sure that this will last and not give out. Don’t worried about the back we will cover those ties. 

Using this evergreen garland it will help us be able to attach items to this and create the arrangement around this base. We want to make sure that each side has an even flowness. I will attach them creating a swag like structure. I am going to pull this apart and use what we need. 

I want these to look VERY similar. I will zip tie these together ( see images). The process is kind of similar to making a lantern swag. I want to make sure that nothing is going to come loose so I am using my larger zip ties and attaching the two bushes together. Going to bend and pull up and over the basket so nothing is smooshed down. We will be adding more around it to make it full. 

Add my Wicker rattan balls and dip them in the glue and I will add these to the corners of the basket to fill in and help bring all these colors together. Sticking with the natural colors and flow of the project. After adding these on all 4 corners we will move on to our bow. I started to make the bow by hand but it was too thick so we moved over to the EZ bow maker you can find this on my Amazon Influencer Store.  

 I want my bow to stand up & out. I am going to make sure it’s twisted in that center and make sure my loops are going where I want them. The tails around 12″ and the loops starting at 6″.

Measuring out to 6″ loops going over and pinch and twist and repeating this process so I have 3 loops on each side on the bottom and then taking my gold 1.5-inch ribbon and making 2- 6″ loops on each side. Taking the ribbon I had used for the bottom and going back and adding that to the top creating 2 more loops. Going to slip my zip tie under the bow and adjust then once I have adjusted those loops I will tighten it. 

To attach this bow to our project we will use our pick machine and then dab it in the glue and attach it to the center of the garland. We will have to trim down our tails and fluff the bow out and making sure we don’t lose height. Now we will go ahead and fill in around the bow, using extras we have from our bushes we will fill in berries around and adding some greens to the bow.

I want to make sure there are no empty spots around the base of the basket. I love taking these sparkles and flocked stems and adding them around and giving the project an extra pop of color. 

What do you all think? Here you have it a cute tabletop statement piece. Join us next time on YouTube. 

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❤ Lori

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