Why I Use Wired Ribbon In My Wreath Projects

When you tie a ribbon, it can fall. But there is a way to fix this! If you use wire, the ribbon will stay in shape and people will be able to see your bow hold its shape and last longer with each project.

While wired ribbon can be expensive it’s also the best quality for your projects and I find it’s worth it to spend a little more on materials for my customers and making quality projects that last years vs months or weeks. 

The way I like to store my ribbon is by using small sewing pins to put it into the end of the ribbon. I have used rubber bands before, I have used tape. I found those were not my favorite way to store my ribbon but they could work for someone else. 

My go-to way to store ribbon is with the closet shelving from Home Depot or your local hardware store. I like to have mine mounted at a slight angle to make it so the ribbon is at an incline. 

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