6 décor ideas to revamp your fireplace mantel

Feel like your fireplace mantle looks bare and lacks the visual appeal? Here we have the top décor ideas to revamp your fireplace mantle.

From welcoming a new season to exhibiting your favorite collectibles, fireplace mantel offers ample opportunities to create a perfect vignette. However, most of us often consider the fireplace mantle as a source of warming up the room. But with a few handy décor ideas, your fireplace mantle can light up your space. 

Whether it is placing a few decorative items, hanging an ornately designed mirror, or staging some glorious lighting fixtures, here we have rounded-up the top décor ideas to revamp your fireplace mantle. 

Asymmetrical Arrangement

When it comes to décor, there is no restriction of balancing out everything and creating a perfect symmetry. Try a beautiful asymmetrical arrangement to shake up your fireplace mantle décor. Make a bold statement by moving your canvas piece from center to the right. Sporadically place some decorative items to fill the spaces in the middle and sides. Or, play around with shapes, layout, and heights to create a gorgeous, off-balanced fireplace mantle décor.

Play Around with Art Prints

Canvas and art prints are essential for making your fireplace mantle the focal point of your interior decor. Bring in variety to the arrangement; put some frames with a few succulents and top it off with a lighting fixture. Again, the frames don’t have to be of the same size. Mix ornate frames with minimalist designed frames and create an eye-catching display. 

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Open up your spaces with Mirrors 

Adding a mirror to décor is the ideal way to open up the room while elevating the overall look of your spaces.  Instead of a large canvas or frame, you can incorporate mirror as the centerpiece e of your mantle décor. You can reserve the center spot for a large mirror for cleaner aesthetics or use a few small mirrors to help add depth to your décor. Mirrors are an exceptional décor choice for opening up the spaces rather than filling them in. 

Create more Space with Built-in Shelves

If you a décor enthusiast, then built-in shelves with mantle will surely accommodate your décor ideas. Depending on your room’s setup, you might even place television above your mantle and utilize the wall next to the mantle for decoration. Shelf your books, add freshness with plants and beautify the look with a few decorative. 

If you have a high ceiling, then you may install shelves directly above the mantle instead of the surroundings. Decorate each of the coordinate shelving with a variety of decor items. However, with this setup, you might not be able to switch the setting quite often. Therefore, make sure what you display helps you boost the spaces and add personality to your spaces. Avoid loading or filling up the shelves entirely to avoid having a cluttered appearance of your space. 

Living Room with Floor to Ceiling Built In Shelves - Transitional ...

Figure 2:https://cdn.decorpad.com/photos/2015/10/24/white-living-room-teal-accents-floor-to-ceiling-shelves-fireplace.jpg

Adjust the décor with seasons

Switching the fireplace mantle decor and rearranging it with the season is another excellent way to keep your interior decoration fresh. Whether it is Christmas, Easter, or you are planning to welcome spring, switch it up with every season. Also, with every season, it is easier to develop a theme and decorate around that theme. 

White brick fireplace, round mirror hanging above hearth, basket ...

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Add Freshness with Plants 

When it comes to décor, plants and flowers are a must-have. They freshen up your air, bring natural colors, and perk up your space. You can pick colorful vase and planters to elevate the look of your fireplace mantle décor.


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