6 DIY Outdoor Décor Projects

Whether you are looking to revamp your outdoors or an outdoor décor aficionado; these DIY outdoor décor projects will surely make a remarkable first impression 

Your interior décor may add character to your house, but your outdoor always lends the first impression. With many of us focused on lavish interiors, our outdoor décor remains bland, outdated, or simply absent. 

Not only will it make the first impression, but the sophisticated decor will also transform your outdoors into a charming place to hang out. Luckily, refurbishing your outdoors won’t cost you much, a few do-it-yourself projects can help add a personalized touch to your outdoors. Here we have discussed a few handy DIY outdoor décor projects that will lend your outdoor retreat the spruce it deserves. 

Mosaic Stepping Stones 

When it comes to overhauling your decor, nothing tops the mosaic flooring. However, laying down a new music flooring from scratch might burn holes in your pockets. But with a few old ceramic plates, you can get fresh mosaic flooring and make your outdoor the talk of the town. 

To build these stepping stones, you need to break some old ceramic plates. Make sure that you break the plates safely and pick up every tiny broken piece afterward. Once you have collected the broken pieces, set them in a concrete mix molded in a shape of your choice. These mosaic stepping stones will not only make walks through your garden colorful but will also take your outdoor décor up a notch. 

Rope Pots

You may have a spacious outdoors, but it takes sophisticated decor to add a character to it. Gone are the days when simple brown terra cotta pots sufficed for décor purposes, rope pots bring a boost of freshness and rusticity to your outdoors. 

You may find these pots with an unreasonably high price tag. Instead of buying them from a store, you can create such pots at your home. For in inexpensive rope pot, take a few terra cotta pots and a rope to wrap around them. Use glue to secure the wrapping around the exterior of the pot. You may also use decorative paint to spruce up the rustic pot. 

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If you want to lighten up your outdoors elegantly, then tea light lanterns will work the best. All you need are a few empty jars, tea lights, and some wire to create this DIY outdoor décor project. Use the wire for making the handle, drop candle in the jar and simply hang them at your balcony railing with the wire. These lanterns will brighten up your outdoors while lending a charming touch to your abode. 

Vertical Landscaping 

Add a new dimension to your outdoor décor with hanging flower pots. To fashion these pots, you will need a basket or bucket, an impermeable material, and the plant of your choice. Simply take a basket line it firmly with the impermeable material, and fill it with soil and plants. Hang them by a hook form a tree branch or your roof and make your more outdoors aesthetically pleasing. 

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Figure 2:https://www.owntheyard.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/balcany-garden-2.jpg

Welcome Mat

Make your outdoors inviting with a welcome mat at your doorstep. For this DIY outdoor decor project, you may get an inexpensive doormat or even revamp your old doormat. Simply take some decorative paint and fashion the doormat as you desire. 

Revamp your walls 

While you focus on the décor, don’t forget to revamp your walls. Paint them and accouter them with sculptures or wall plants to add texture and enhance the personality to your outdoors. 

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