9 Tips for Transitioning Your Décor to Spring

Lend a fresh start to your specs with these 9 easy-to-tackle spring home décor ideas. 

 Spring- the season of rejuvenation and renewal imbues freshness and suffuses newness in our surroundings. Welcome this season at your home by refreshing your spaces and giving them an uplifting touch. 

From sprinkling colors in your spaces to reconsidering your layouts, we have compiled a comprehensive guide to get your spaces ready for spring. Let’s update your décor and embrace the spring season wholly. 

Beautify with Fresh Flowers  

Flowers give an instant makeover to your decor while serving as the centerpiece to any setting. Luckily, the spring season offers us a wide variety of flowers to decorate our spaces with. From bouquets of tulips to bunches of daffodils, pluck the opportunity of adding freshness in your abodes. Stage them in a stunning vase or rest them at the nightstands, make every corner bloom with exquisitely fresh color. 

The Placement Of Flowers In The Room

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Freshen Up the Spaces with Greenery 

Where flowers bring color and infuse captivating scents, adding a bit of greenery simply complete the freshened-up spaces. If the dreary and scorching temperatures made you compromise some plants, then bring them back in this season. Pick some spring-friendly plants and let them complement your flower décor. Make sure you choose the plants that last at least till next spring. 

Renew Your Spaces with Light Fabrics 

As the dreary and cold weather recedes, pull away the heavy and furry fabrics cluttering your spaces. Spread lighter and neutral-hued fabrics to make your rooms appear brighter and bigger. Add layers of pale pink and white linens to add a dash of color and sophistication in your spaces. 

Add Bright Colors

With brightly colored flowers taking over your outdoors, let your interiors mimic the same. Replace the dark and dull colors with bold pastels. Or add edginess to your spaces with neon-colored furniture or walls. Make sure that your neon additions refine and renew your spaces. 

Swap Throw Pillows

If you don’t want a drastic change in your decor, then go for swapping the throw pillows and blankets throughout your rooms. Switch the dark-colored pillows with a neutral-hued or pastel-colored pillows. Accompany them with contrasting fabrics to give a brand-new feel to your house. 

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Update Your Art

We do not mean that you dramatically overhaul your gallery wall. But replacing a few aged art pieces in your gallery can freshen up your walls. Take some of the old art pieces and replace them with other exceptional pieces. You will see that even seemingly unnoticeable changes have a great impact on your spaces. 

Declutter with Baskets 

With spring comes the mandatory spring cleaning. Add a few hand-woven and lovely pieces of baskets and keep your spaces tidied up. Store all the stuff that fills up your spaces and let these baskets accessorize your settings. 

Replace the Tableware

Replacing tableware is another subtle spring home décor. Have a set of lighter cups and dishes to bring out during the spring season. You may set neutral-hued pieces or go for the brightly colored ones for adding a pop of color in your spaces. 

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Rearrange Your Rooms

Spring might be the right time for starting fresh or giving your tired spaces a renewed energy. If small decor changes don’t work for you, opt for rearranging your rooms. You can replace the old furniture, bring in new decorative, replace the old rug, and completely transform the layout of your spaces.


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