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7 Thanksgiving Crafts to do with Kids

By Hard Working Mom Team | October 21, 2022

These Thanksgiving craft ideas are a fun, inexpensive way to celebrate the season while giving your kids something to do to fight fall break boredom. They can also be used to teach gratitude, the history of Thanksgiving, and more!

6 Ways to Decorate Your Classroom Door for Thanksgiving

By Hard Working Mom Team | October 19, 2022

Looking for ways to decorate your classroom door for Thanksgiving? We’ve rounded up several ideas that are sure to give you just the inspiration you need to greet your students (and others) into your classroom Thanksgiving style. Be sure to bookmark this post and save it to your favorite Pinterest board!

Best Halloween Boo Basket Ideas for Kids

By Hard Working Mom Team | October 12, 2022

Halloween boo baskets have become an increasingly popular way to gift kids trinkets and candy of the season. Similar to an Easter basket, these baskets are a fun way to celebrate the Halloween season. Some parents have completely opted out of trick-or-treating in lieu of giving these baskets, doing neighborhood trunk-or-treats, or having small parties with family and friends.

Top 7 Things to Do with Pumpkins This Fall

By Hard Working Mom Team | October 3, 2022

There’s no doubt that pumpkins are the highlight of the fall season, which is why I’d like to share things to do with pumpkins this fall.

Top Farmhouse Halloween Style Ideas

By Hard Working Mom Team | September 28, 2022

You can do so much with the farmhouse theme, which is why I’d like to share a few top farmhouse Halloween-style ideas.

7 Easy DIY Fall Farmhouse Signs

By Hard Working Mom Team | September 26, 2022

Fall farmhouse signs are constantly growing in popularity, and rightfully so. The neutral-toned colors mixed with simplicity and rustic charm can help create a living environment that is both pleasant and comforting. When it comes to decorating for the fall, you can’t go wrong with incorporating a farmhouse theme that shows the best of the…

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7 Things You Need to Know When Working with Deco Mesh

By Hard Working Mom Team | September 19, 2022

Whether you are a beginner or pro with making wreaths, there are a few things you need to know when working with deco mesh.

Super Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

By Hard Working Mom Team | September 9, 2022

if you’ve been looking for super easy DIY Thanksgiving decor ideas, I’ve got you covered with some ideas that are sure to inspire you this fall season.

Must-Have Wood Door Hanger Kits for Fall

By Hard Working Mom Team | September 8, 2022

Wood door hanger kits are typically comprised of a wood cutout that is made from unfinished wood. The reason they are unfinished is so you can decorate it according to your style preference. The door hanger included in the kit may or may not come in different sizes; however, they are always laser cut and ready to paint and decorate.

How to Easily Turn a Summer Wreath into a Fall Wreath

By Hard Working Mom Team | August 29, 2022

Before you toss your wreath to the side this season, check out how to easily turn a summer wreath in a fall wreath in three easy steps. And since you already have the main parts in tow, you only need a few extra supplies, all of which can be purchased at the Dollar Store! How…