Eye-Catching Door Colors Perfect For Summer

Looking for that perfect pop of color that will have the neighbors trying to catch a glimpse? Check out these bold summer colors to liven up your front door!

We all love a touch of color on a bland base! 

Have you been on the search for the right decor to spruce up your homes’ curb appeal?

A wreath can be added to any of the colors, but a colorful door can be eye-catching alone. These beautiful paint colors will inspire you to add a touch of character to your own front door right away!

Bold and Modern


A color that never goes out of style. Dark, bold colors look great with any exterior paint color. A muted yellow house with an added navy door will add a hint of personality while a gray exterior home is the perfect balance with a timeless navy front door. 


Gray is a trending color and pairs beautifully with light exterior color like white. The color gray carries the elegance and cleanliness that white brings. If you are looking for a modern touch, and you can’t seem to make up your mind, this is it!


This green shade is dreamy! A green front door is a mix of inviting and calm. A touch of color like Sage is sure to get your neighbors talking.



A welcoming and intriguing color, red is a traditional addition to your front door. Any shade of red is a show stopper and great to feature at the face of your home.



Yellow is a paint color that brings warmth and happiness. The brightness pairs wonderfully with a white, gray or brick home. Though it is on the eccentric side, a yellow front door will welcome your guests in with a smile!


This door color exudes a relaxed and calm state of mind. Aqua can look terrific with any color exterior. A lighter shade of aqua is the perfect Summer color and one of our favorites!

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