Geometric And Abstract Backsplashes For Your Dream Kitchen

A backsplash is a great way to feature an eye-catching pattern in your kitchen. 

With plenty of styles to choose from, we have seen anything from simple backsplashes that are only featured behind the stove to extravagant features that take the pattern all the way up to the ceiling! 

Whatever your style may be, these ideas will take your kitchen from overlooked to fab!

The area between your countertop and upper cabinets may currently be designed with ordinary subway tile. There’s a better way!

Abstract Cubes

Perfect for the modern home! 

Cubes portray clean lines and minimalism that will coordinate seamlessly with other areas of your home. Instead of the flat checkered pattern, adding a three-dimensional effect will take this backsplash up a notch.

Ombre Hexagon Tiles

This pattern has so much versatility and multiple color choices! Simple gray marble tiles look very sleek in a modernized kitchen. You could also use recycled tiles to display several patterns yet still create a cohesive look. An ombre effect with two or three shades of the same color will be a mesmerizing visual in any kitchen!

Intricate Mosaics

The mosaic pattern Reve is far from ordinary!

This small, delicate tile is meant to look non-uniform. Like laying brick, these tiles should be placed randomly versus stacked on one another perfectly. This backsplash looks great in vivid or bold colors in your kitchen!

Geometric Chevron

When placed vertically, this chevron design is a dream!

The chevron pattern when paired with different finishes looks very unique, polished, and textured. A gold accent within this backsplash looks superb!

KaleidoscopeThis is a hexagon pattern broken up into smaller triangles. White on white tone with a touch of iridescence will catch the sun during the day to bring daylight into your kitchen! A pale gray grout will keep this design bright and fresh.

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