Seven Decor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Empty Walls

Looking for decor inspiration for your empty wall? Read on to find out the perfect idea to adorn your walls with. 

Big or small, all houses share one thing in common- a bland wall. You have tried decorating it in countless ways, but nothing seems to suit that wall, and you end up staring at a blank wall. Rather than hanging anything up there, consider that empty wall an opportunity to add personality to your home. 

If you want to transform your stark walls into lavish centerpieces, then here we have discussed the top ways to spruce up your empty walls. Whether you are book-lover or an art-enthusiast, use these home décor ideas to tie your spaces together and take your décor up a notch. 


Large artwork is the easiest way to call attention to your walls. An artwork is an opportunity for you to brush up the tone of your spaces and add a personality to your wall. You may opt for a minimalist artwork to match the simplicity of your space. You can also get a little creative and choose an artwork that is unique from the motifs of rooms. Try a vibrant abstract artwork to make your walls eye-catching or stick to the classic black-and-white photograph. 

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Display your admiration for artwork and photography by creating a gallery wall. With a gallery wall, you can customize the wall as per your taste and bring a touch of your personality to your home décor. Exhibit your collection of photographs, exquisite art pieces, and finish the décor with other wall hangings. Choose minimalist frames for a cohesive look or opt for ornate ones to add an edge to the décor. You may mix minimalist and ornate frames to add a creative flair to your walls. 


If decorating or redecorating the walls is a daunting challenge for you, then opt for refurbishing the walls themselves. Accent your walls by adding bold colors, refining them with unique patterns, adorning them with other decorative paints. While you are at it, consider extending your decorative paint to your ceiling for an enhanced effect. 


Make your spaces look brighter and bigger with a wall-sized hanging mirror you can opt for one huge mirror or create a salon-style with multiple small mirror-pieces. Not just that, you can also have a quick preen into the mirror while the mirror finesses your home decor

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Succulents and plants aren’t meant to rest on in your balconies or windowsill. Make them a part of your spaces and mount them on the walls. It is a perfect way to bring nature in your house with a boost of oxygen to your spaces. 


An empty wall is an ideal opportunity to display your love for the books. Install a book-shelf and take your collection on the wall. Make a perfect vignette by neatly arranging your books, balancing them with the small sculptures, succulents, and other decorative. 

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The color and patterns of the tapestry can boost the tone and personality of your room. Showcase carpet of vintage scarves, pick the textile that will blend well with your space while adding its unique flair. 


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